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Welcome to the counseling office
Our Vision: "TMHS is a welcoming and equitable community where caring and respectful learners work to be successful and contributing citizens."

Our Mission: "Through connections, inquiry, and community, students will succeed academically, socially, emotionally and physically."

Office Hours: Monday - Friday
7:45am - 4:30pm
(907) 780-1968

Contact Us
Rhonda Hickok - Vice Principal 780-1910

Gretchen Kriegmont - Counselor (A-LOS) 780-1936

Phil Merrell - Counselor (LOT-Z) 780-1965

Diane Holloway - Admin Assistant 780-1968

Darcie Seibel - PowerSchool / Data Entry 780-1944

Wendy Rabung - Registrar 780-1971

Terri Calvin - Career Center Advisor 780-1964