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TMHS Site Council

4 months ago

"The TMHS Site Council is an advisory group focused on improving our school

to better meet the needs of our students while providing a forum for enhancing

communication between our school, parents, and the community."


Come join us!  Site Council meetings are held the first Thursday of the month from 5:30-7:00pm in the TMHS library.

Rolling Minutes

Most recent minutes are at the top

Joint High School Site Councils


Monday, April 1, 2019

at Juneau-Douglas High School: Kalé


  1. Introductions

    1. Brenda Taylor - CHAIR JDHS

    2. Paul Kelly - BOE Rep to JDHS Site Council

    3. Dan DeBartolo - BOE Rep to THMS

    4. Cynthia Horwitz - JDHS

    5. Linnea Lentfer - JDHS Student

    6. Elin Antaya - JDHS Student

    7. Portia Carney - JDHS Student

    8. Jennifer Knaggs - JDHS

    9. Kim McNamara - JDHS

    10. Carin Smolin - District CTE Director

    11. Phuong Christian - JDHS

    12. Vaughn Hammond - TMHS

    13. Lynn Van Kirk - TMHS

    14. Ed Becker - YDHS

    15. Cameron Kookesh - YDHS Student

    16. Sean Cone - JDHS

    17. Chris Cairns - JESS rep

    18. Scott Grant - JDHS

    19. Becky Roth - ROCK JUNEAU

    20. Michelle Strickler - TMHS

    21. Dan Larson - TMHS Principal

    22. Avery Hepdon - YDHS Student

    23. Jasmine James - JDHS

    24. Amber Frommherr - TMHS

  2. Student Councils’ and Principals’ Reports

    1. JDHS

      1. Joint Student Council Meeting with TMHS and School Board

        1. Good conversation about student engagement

        2. JDHS Student Council gave verbal invitations to School Board to do shadowing - BOE Members shadowing a student for part of the day (Peter Sidmore will send email to whole school board email)

          1. YDHS - open to it (Steve Whitney is the rep for YDHS - Site Council meets during the 1st monday of the month at 11:15am)

            1. Best days are Tues, Wed, or Thurs

          2. JDHS - trying to arrange

          3. TMHS - also trying to arrange (no TMHS student to speak to progress)  Principal Larson said that School Board visits TM frequently already.

        3. Upcoming events/Topics -

          1. Safe Driving Week - buckle up campaign

          2. Prom

          3. Budget (Trying to do letter writing with student body: “The budget affects me…”)

      2. School-wide (Assistant Principal’s additions)

        1. Finished Course Selection

        2. Planning for school-wide celebration for accepting our Tlingit Name

        3. State Testing is happening

        4. House Build program went to Hawaii to do Habitat for Humanity

    2. TMHS

      1. School-wide

        1. Scheduling - doing as much as can until the budget comes out

        2. State Testing

        3. Music Fest, Spring Sports

    3. YDHS

      1. Steve Whitney is the rep for YDHS - Site Council meets during the 1st Monday of the month at 11:15am

      2. Student reports:

        1. Quarter 4 starting - very welcoming environment

        2. Teachers and students are really nice (report from new student)

        3. Smaller means more one-on-one time with teachers

      3. Teacher additions to reports:

        1. Spring Workshop (week long intensives) was amazing!

          1. Mural at Zach Gordon

          2. Other sections did overnights at Methodist Camp

        2. Very difficult struggle to have Principal shared between YDHS, Montessori, and HomeBRIDGE.  She is stretched too thin.

  3. Housekeeping/upcoming district-wide meetings

    1. School Board Meetings - April 9, TMHS, 4:30 Work Session, Regular Session 6:00pm

    2. Save Our State/Fund our Future Rally - Sat., April 13, 12-1:00pm Capitol Steps

    3. Baccalaureate - Tues, May 21, 6pm at TMHS (students arrive at 5:30pm, wear cap and gowns)

      1. Next step is advertising

        1. Thru FCAs at the schools

        2. Then word of mouth and social media - so pass along details

      2. Food is potluck finger foods from parents/families

    4. Graduations - Sunday, May 26:

      1. YDHS 1:00pm at Centennial Hall

      2. TMHS 4:00pm at TMHS

      3. JDHS 7:00pm at JDHS

    5. Safe Grad - May 26, 10:00pm - 2:19am at UAS Rec Center

      1. Next planning meeting: Thursday, April 4 at 5:30pm at TMHS

        1. Any ideas on parking shuttles - send email to safe grad

        2. Looking for old vinyl banners to paint on

  4. School Board Report

    1. Dan Debartolo for the overview

      1. Wrapped up regular calendared budget items last week (End of March)

      2. Budget sent to the City to be approved at April 1 meeting

      3. Next meeting is Tues, April 9

        1. Spotlight on success is the National Merit Scholarship finalists

        2. JCSS annual contract

        3. Capital Improvement priorities

        4. Executive Session on collective bargaining

  5. Discussion/New Business

      1. Contract negotiations - JESS, JEA, JSAA

        1. JESS - Chris Cairns - Speaking about new collaborative process - interest based bargaining.  Positive so far.

          1. Non-Economic issues separated from Economic issues

          2. Rescheduled Economic for April 23rd - Hopeful for a Tentative Agreement at that point

        2. JEA - doing interest based bargaining

          1. Per Dan Larson reporting from the Cabinet Side (not JEA)

            1. Plugging away through the collaborative model

            2. Going back to the table April 16-17

        3. JSAA - short statement from Jim Thompson

          1. Agreed on the dates, just beginning

      2. Budget Report - at CBJ and state level (change can only happen if funding changes come into play)

        1. BOE

          1. Assumptions from BOE

            1. ADM (Avg Daily Membership) - looking at a decrease of 77 from this year

            2. No increase (or decrease) to BSA (Base Student Allocation)

              1. Assume will remain the same as this school year as per legislation passed spring 2018 for FY19 and FY20. The time for a veto on that signed budget has passed; would take an active legislative effort to amend at this point

              2. Hopeful that House and Senate will keep the budgeted BSA the same

          2. Changes made through the zero-based budgeting process

            1. Page 4 of the attached docs: White, Green, and Red sections

            2. White - budgeted, Green - hopeful, Red - doubtful

            3. Restoring the 1.5 high school Core Teacher additions (Enough for 0.5 per the three high schools)

            4. Partial restoration of $30K for UAS Auto Shop

            5. Middle School PTR (Pupil to Teacher Ratios) adjustments changed to match the actual

            6. Most AVID $ restored (at $50K)

            7. Restored some $ into an Elementary position related to an Elementary Specialist

            8. Adjust one Health Assistant to a Nurse position

              1. only if a Health Assistant leaves by attrition

            9. Added a Student Services Coordinator position

              1. To assist with added interventions and multitude of duties associated with the Student Services Director position

              2. Questions about what this position will do and what credentials - not a lot of official details, Superintendent and cabinet working on fleshing out position expectations

            10. Added a 0.5 FTE to make the Montessori School Counselor full time at 1.0 FTE

          3. Next Steps - make sure to testify to House, Senate, City

            1. Great Alaska Schools does a lot of communicating opportunities to testify or rally together

          4. Thanks to the BOE members (from Ed Becker) on dealing with these big issues

      3. Parent involvement/engagement

        1. What do people come to?

          1. Sports (JDHS)

          2. Course Request Nights (JDHS)

          3. 8th Grade Info Nights (JDHS)

          4. High School parents are involved in what their own children need (TMHS)

            1. Robotics, Drama

          5. Grandparent lunches, pre-testing snacks (TMHS)

          6. Sports and Activities boosters (TMHS)

          7. Music Fest  - example is TMHS needing 13 parents to go on the Ferry

          8. Housed out students

        2. Trouble getting parents to attend?

          1. Parent Forums (JDHS depends on topics and weather)

          2. Open House at (JDHS 10-20% of parents)

          3. Parent-Teacher Conferences (JDHS depends on timing)

          4. Parent Group at (JDHS Over time it has gotten to be a smaller group)

        3. Any trends over time in attendance?

          1. Move to digital and less in-person

        4. How can we increase authentic parent engagement?

          1. Question to what IS parent involvement?

          2. Maybe move to weekly instead of daily bulletin

        5. Dan Larson - the digital parent involvement

          1. Checking PowerSchool

          2. High School parents are involved in what their own children need

        6. YDHS -

          1. Parent and adult student phone calls via adviser

          2. Invited to come in personally

          3. Sundays with the 21st Century Grant - families coming in for the social opportunities

        7. Sean Cone insights

          1. Look at less parent involvement as a success story due to lack of concern

      4. Question from Melissa McCormick on idea of Adulting Conference

          1. Positive reception from YDHS students

          2. JDHS Students like the idea in theory, but don’t know if they as individuals would have time for it

      5. Shared course opportunities

        1. Current:

          1. CTE: ETT (7th hour)

          2. Computer Science (0 hour)

          3. Educators Rising (0 hour)

        2. Future:

          1. What are ways to identify potential shared courses?

            1. Certain types of courses that might work better

              1. Independent/Coaching type courses

              2. Outside instructor courses

              3. Shared courses if work with schedules (YD and JD)

      6. Check the shared folder sent via Brenda Taylor for additional information

6. Adjourn at 7:05pm

Thunder Mountain Site Council Meeting

December 6, 2018



Members present:  Amber Frommherz, Shannon Kelly, Dan DeBartolo, Rain Hirst, Vaughn Hammond, Dan Larsen, Susan Martin, Michelle Strickley, Stefanie Wolter


Meeting began at 5:35pm


Student government - Rain spoke regarding the dress code.  The current code had language that is considered anti-girl.  There was a vote on the dress code today at lunch.  The revisions are similar to JD’s.  Once the student government accepts the changes the changes will be forwarded to the faculty.  It was suggested that the changes be shared with Kristin Bartlett.

The government is current organizing the Winterball, Spring Carnival and trying to create a list of the activities that are organized by the student government so that the students know what they do.

Susan Martin asked about adding more Tlingit verbiage to the school and Rain said that she will share that idea with the student government.


School Board – Dan DeBartolo said that the Spotlight at the next Board meeting would be Project 3 Square with a presentation by Adriene Schwartz.  At that same meeting the Board will accept the Gift of a Tlingit name for JDHS.  He expects that there will be more gifts in the future.  He said that there was support for Dr. Wiess to become the new superintendent but that the Board wants to ensure that they follow a voted-on process to make it official.  The Board meeting will be at 6pm in the TMHS library.

            There will be a FY19 Budget Revision reading at the work session at 4pm.  They have requested that the CBJ fund to the cap for FY19.  He mentioned that because the student count was high that they are going to ask for a new amount because the cap is higher.  Dan was not sure how the extra money would be distributed to the individual schools.

            They will be starting contract negations and hopefully reach a three-year contract with all three unions.


Principal Report – Dan Larson – The Robotics Team competed last week and will go to Regionals.  The Region 5 wresting tournament will be at TMHS this weekend and the qualifiers will go to state.  December 13th the women’s basketball team will be matched against East Anchorage.

            In February they will begin working on schedules for next year and in March will look at the projected enrollment numbers.

            There are eight new cameras in the school; he can see the video on his phone.  There is a total of 27 in the school.  Most are filming the hallways, restroom entrances and locker rooms.

            Finals Week will be the last week of school in December, there will be two periods a day for tests.

            They are working on a mini grant for a Mentor/Mentee program for their non-tenured teachers (9).  Master teachers (Marks, Night, and Northcutt) will work with the non-tenured during lunches and Dan will meet with them monthly.

            Course Fair – elective teachers will have some time to promote their classes

            Negotiations start December 17th with the Cabinet.  Dan is part of the team.

            Substitute issue – Tier 3 teachers have no incentive for not using their vacation/sick days because they won’t get paid for them and the pay for subs is very low.  Usually what happens is that the kids go to the commons or to the library.

            Five Year Plan – One priority is to replace the hardware, it is 11 years old and they have to buy parts on eBay.  Another priority is to get a speaker for the gym.  This is something that the Site Council can help fundraise for.  It was suggested that it be a Senior Class gift.


General comments – There will be a Mascot meeting on Monday.


Safe Grad – Vaughn is the chair of this group this year.


The next Site Council meeting will be January 10.

Meeting adjourned at 6:45 p.m.