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The Registrar's Office

How to Enroll or Withdraw a Student at TMHS

about 1 month ago


For NEW STUDENTS, visit the JSD Website to enroll your student. Returning students should contact the registrar's office.

After we receive your completed packet including proof of immunization and birth certificate, we will  order transcripts from your former school. Once those are received a counselor will contact you to create a schedule.


Please contact the registrar's office to receive the required paperwork.

Wendy Rabung, Registrar

Phone: 907.780.1971

Fax: 907.780.1969

How to Order Transcripts

about 1 month ago

How to Order Transcripts:

  •   Option 1: Transcripts can be ordered online from for a nominal fee.  

  •   Option 2: You can download the Transcript Request Form, fill it out, save it to your computer and email it to the registrar. Transcripts can be emailed or sent to you via USPS mail.

Graduation and/or Education Verification 

Please fax or email your graduation verification paperwork WITH your paperwork to the TMHS Registrar.                                                                     

     Wendy Rabung
     Phone: 907.780.1971
     Fax: 907.780.1969

How to Update Parent/Guardian/Student Contact Information

about 1 month ago

If any of the following apply, please contact the Counseling Office by phone or email.

  • Recently moved (changed either physical or mailing address)
  • Recently changed work phone numbers
  • Recently changed home phone or cell phone numbers
  • Acquired a new email address
  • Changed names (married, divorced, etc.)  [NOTE: we will need copies of court documents]Wish to change / update emergency contact information.

Please contact Wendy Rabung at 907.780.1971 or