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How to Order Transcripts

SPECIAL NOTE: Since the school is closed through May 1, students may download and EMAIL the form to our registrar (instructions below). Transcripts may be emailed or sent via USPS mail to you. 

To Order a Transcript

  •   Option 1: Transcripts can be ordered online from for a nominal fee.  
  •   Option 2: You can download the Transcript Request Form, fill it out online, save it to your computer and email it to the registrar, The form includes the following information:  
           - Name at time of Graduation
           - Graduation Year
           - Date of Birth
           - Number of Transcripts requested
           - Contact phone number for yourself

Current Students

  • Pick up your requested transcript at the Registrar's Office. (not available through May 1)
  • Fill out the Transcript Request form completely and send to the Registrar's Office. (Email preferred)

Graduation and/or Education Verifications 

Please fax or email your graduation verification paperwork WITH your paperwork to the TMHS Registrar. 

Fax: 907.780.1969, Email:


The Registrar's Office is located on the 2nd floor in the Counseling Office.

      The Counseling Office is the first door on your left at the top of the main stairs.  

      The Registrar’s Office is the first door on your right as you enter the  Counseling Office.                                                                 

      Wendy Rabung
      Phone: 907.780.1971
      Fax: 907.780.1969

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