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Seniors and Graduation

Please keep checking back for updated information regarding upcoming events and announcements that are of concern to our graduating Seniors. We will continue to add important announcements in the space so please place a bookmark and check back!


MAY 26 AT 4:00 PM

Commencement reception after the ceremony.

Safe Graduation Party

2019 SafeGrad will be held at the UAS Rec Center 

from 10:00 pm - 2:19 am. 

This event is courtesy of Parents for Safe Graduation.


You signed a contract to the following:

Seniors must complete any/all online classes by May 1st in order to have online credit applied toward graduation. 

Seniors who do not complete their PLATO classes by May 1st will have the opportunity to complete them in summer school to be held June 3 - June 14.


                                                Click below for an easy to use worksheet.

Senior Financial Obligations Information

  • Activities and Athletic Fees
  • Library Books and Materials if lost, damaged or not returned
  • Lunch Account Balances
  • Textbooks if lost, damaged, or not returned

In order to receive a diploma, each graduating senior must return all school materials and pay all fines and fees owed to Thunder Mountain High School.

Staff will be present with fine information and outstanding financial account balances and will be able to receive payment in check or cash form after the graduation ceremony.

Google Account Transfer Guide

Keep your Google files after you graduate.

Caps, Gowns, Graduation Announcements and more!

There are two vendors who are providing packages for caps, gowns and other graduation items. Please click the links below to view the options being offered.

Jostens 789-7486

Martha's Flowers and Gifts 789-0760

From the Falcon Handbook:

Commencement Ceremony Eligibility

If a student fulfills graduation requirements by the end of the last term of their senior year, they may participate in commencement ceremonies.

Commencement Ceremony Requirements:

1.       Each participating student has to attend commencement ceremony practice in order to know what to do during this important ceremony. Each student who participates will purchase or rent the proper cap and gown as designated by the school administration and the class advisors.

2.       Caps and gowns will be worn in the proper manner as designated by the school administration and class advisor.

3.       Each student who participates will be expected to cooperate with the class advisor and to participate in all parts of the commencement ceremonies.

4.       Participation in the ceremony of commencement is a privilege, not a right. Seniors who have been disruptive in assemblies/activities, or who have been involved in vandalism/pranks may be denied participation in graduation ceremonies. (Board Policy #1430)

5.       Failure to comply with the above requirements will automatically forfeit a student’s privilege to participate in the commencement ceremonies.

6.       Students who fall short of graduation requirements might still participate in the commencement ceremony by creating a contract with administration ensuring completion of requirements by June 30th, of that same year.

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