Career Assessments

9 months ago

INTEREST Based Career Exploration

  1. Take the O*Net Interest Profiler

  2. You will receive scores in areas that correspond to careers.

  3. Use those scores to explore jobs with different levels of Post-Secondary preparation needed.

SKILL Based Career Exploration

Take the Skills Matcher by to measure technical and soft skills.

This tool helps you identify careers that match your skills. From there, you can explore the careers on your list of matches. You can learn about average pay, typical education, and the outlook (new job opportunities expected) for jobs in that field.

PERSONALITY Profile Based Career Exploration

  1. Take the Free Personality Test. You do not need to give out your email.

  2. Read the personality descriptions as they apply to you, paying special attention to the section on CAREERS!

Other Tools

9 months ago

Alaska Career Information System – Research Careers and related skills. Students can log on with their credentials using Clever.

Living Wage – MIT put together this database – what are the living wages for where you want to live?

ASVAB – Test designed by the military – measures both skills and interests. Given at TMHS twice per year. You do not have to join the military to take this free test.

O*net Online - HUGE search engine - browse occupations using advanced search options. How much does a job pay in Alaska? What training is needed?

Occupational Outlook – What is the outlook for your chosen field? This US government website showing which careers are predicted to grow.